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New in nail technology $35

ANC Benefits Include
*Non-toxic and Odor free
*No damage to nail
*Look, work and feel natural
*Healthy for your real nails by adding calcium and vitamin E.
*Water resistant
*Crack & Chip resistant
*and much more

UV Gel

*Perfect french decoration-every time! *High gloss shine that lasts for 2 weeks *French decoration will not chip or fade *No drying time. Consistant french color *No smudges or burn marks

Amazing Nail Services

Get ready for some amazing nails. Our nail experts have high standards and thats why at YH's Nail Spa you'll leave with beautiful nails every time.

ServiceRegular PriceMember Price
Full Set Acrylic$32.00$25.00
*Extra $2 for cut down
Pink and White$55.00 and up$45.00
Fill$32.00 and up$25.00
White Tips$38.00$30.00
UV Gel Nails$55.00$45.00
UV Pink & White$75.00$60.00
*Extra $15 for ANC Powder. *Extra $10 for Gel Polish.
*Tips polish Change $10 *Gel Polish $25