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Professional Waxing Services

Forget about tweezers and razors. Here at YH's Nail Spa our professionals can give you smooth hairless skin for weeks. We provide many services from eyebrows, lips and chin all the way to your legs and toes.

ServiceRegular PriceMember Price
Lip$7.00$5.00 and up
Chin$8.00$6.00 and up
Face Sides$7.00$5.00 and up
Underarms$17.00$13.00 and up
Half Arms$20.00$16.00 and up
Full Arms$32.00$25.00 and up
Half Legs$32.00$25.00 and up
Full Legs$50.00$40.00 and up
Stomach Line$10.00$8.00 and up
Full Stomach$25.00$20.00 and up
Back$38.00$30.00 and up
Brazilian$50.00$40.00 and up